How can innovative technology be scaled to support healthy and active ageing in Scotland and across Europe?


TITTAN (Technology, Innovation and Translation in Ageing Network) aims to implement good practices related to the design, uptake and use of innovative technology-based products and solutions for healthy and active ageing. The project also aims to support the development of regional policy in technology-enabled healthcare. There are 7 partners involved in the project. ACIS in Galicia are the lead partner. The other partners are Saxony, Lower Silesia, Basque Region, Lombardy and Almere and Scotland.


TITTAN is one of 64 projects sponsored by Interreg Europe and has a total fund of EUR1.6 Million between 2016 and September 2020.


Impact & Value

TITTAN will:

  • Improve the route to adoption and scale in Scotland for innovative digital health and care solutions;
  • Work with Lead ACIS to implement key learnings about procurement of technology-enabled care innovations into the NHS;
  • Raise Scotland’s profile in Europe to leverage funding for digital health and care developments.