Person Centred Records

How could a single multi-disciplinary electronic health record transform in-patient services for NHS patients and staff?


The DHI will carry out design-led activities with a multitude of professionals and patients within NHS Grampian to produce recommendations for a single, person-centred, multidisciplinary record that is ‘once for the patient’.


In 2017 DHI word with NHS Scotland the Open Innovation Programme to understand issues in nursing records and to consider new ways of record keeping that would save nurses’ time and improve the quality of nursing care.

Recommendations included:

  • Supporting nurses’ professional development
  • A move to electronic health records
  • A multi-disciplinary person-centred record.

Recommendation 1 has been addressed by NHS Grampian by implementing a 1-page paper nursing admission assessment record that allows nurses to use their professional judgement when assessing the patient. Recommendation 2 and 3 will be addressed by this project.


Impact & Value

It is anticipated that this service innovation will:

  • Explore and transform hospital record keeping in line with NHS Grampian’s stated goal of in-patient electronic working;
  • Eliminate or reduce duplication for patients and staff – ‘Once for the patient’;
  • Promote NHS Grampian as an exemplar to scale the opportunity nationally;
  • Build and validate a high impact citizen – generated data set that represents common data that is shared across hospital services to inform and support innovators, systems designers and the National Digital Platform.