How can the DHI Innovation Hub support industry in the development of eHealth technologies to enable ‘hospital at home’?


NWE-Chance combines the expertise of eHealth focussed companies, hospitals, and research institutes to co-create eHealth concepts that support ‘hospital at home’. The project aims to develop a home hospitalisation platform (enabled by nanotechnology and a real-time monitoring system) to support heart failure patients at home with hospital based. DHI will host an Innovation Hub to support eHealth companies to develop and validate their technologies; build new collaborations between SMEs and hospitals; and stimulate future developments.


The EU digital health market is growing rapidly however, eHealth is in its infancy when it comes to transferring hospital care to the patient’s home. Currently only one hospital supported by one SME, in the Netherlands, executes this concept at scale. Supporting technologies are in development however, an integrated technology package is needed to exploit the economic potential of this market.


Impact & Value

The DHI will:

  • Support the development of new systems for care within the Innovation Hub by combining the forces of SMEs, hospitals and universities with state of the art eHealth technologies;
  • Ensure sustainability through the co-creation of a business plan and roadmap for future care;
  • Facilitate Knowledge Exchange and collaboration through the development of an online library and network of living labs, sharing this emerging knowledge with hospital at home services in Scotland.



  • Isala (Lead)
  • CE-Mate
  • B.V European Health Telematics Association (Netherlands); Jessa Ziekenhuis
  • Universiteit Hasselt, Build in Europe (Belgium)
  • Sensium Healthcare (UK)
  • Klinikum der Stadt Ludwegshafen an Rhein (Germany)