Next Generation Asthma Care

How could Next Generation connectivity help care providers and patients to collaboratively manage asthma care?


We are exploring the transformative potential of citizen-generated data, to improve collaborative care in asthma (between care provider and citizen). We will explore how digital developments, such as 5G, could make the collection of citizen-generated data effortless, reliable, affordable and trusted. We will utilise this knowledge in our work with patients, families and care providers to co-create a vision for a new digital asthma service model.


Asthma is one of the most common long-term conditions in the UK, and is the second most common chronic illness presented to primary care. A significant proportion of mortality in asthma is preventable. Self-management has been recognised as an effective approach to controlling asthma, however uptake is low.


Impact & Value

We will support an increase in collaborative care between citizen and care provider by:

  • Designing a new service model for collaborative care;
  • Promoting a preventative approach of asthma care at scale;
  • Exploring ways to improve asthma control through co-management and the use of next generation technologies.