Macmillan Improving Cancer Care

How could game theory be utilised to redesign cancer care?


The DHI, University of Abertay , NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Macmillan are prototyping a tool that will use analytics to predict the service needs of people living with cancer in the future. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will identify the frequency of services used by people diagnosed with cancer, and identify factors that influence usage to inform future models of service delivery.


Macmillan have over 270 referral services and have amassed a large amount of data through the ‘Improving Cancer Journeys’ initiative in Glasgow. Macmillan wishes to utilise this data in order to better plan cancer referral services for the future.


Impact & Value

The user friendly tool will enable Macmillan staff:

  • To offer a tailored referral service to the individual;
  • To better plan and utilise resource effectively;
  • And to offer better service for the patient.