Future of Care

How can co-managed care models be scalable and sustainable?


DHI propose the concept of Care 4.0 to understand how co-managed care models could be more scalable and sustainable. This alternative take on the future of care focuses on a more distributed, community-based model that combines technologies such as next generation connectivity, Internet of Things and advances in Artificial Intelligence, with person centred co-design activity to understand how trust and asset building in the community can be supported to enable co-managed care.


The project has mapped progress on health and social care integration and proposes a paradigm shift in how we design and innovate new integrated services. We have developed a core design framework which can be applied to different global commercial/technical ‘lenses’ to identify and assess enablers for change at scale. The conceptual design framework has been named Care 4.0 by DHI.


Impact & Value

The aims of the framework are to:

  • Inform future DHI Challenges and several high-profile funding bids during DHI 2.0;
  • Support DHI 2.0 to ensure technology enabled social care has an equal weighting to health in the DHI challenge portfolio going forward;
  • Better understand how co-managed care can be scalable and sustainable;
  • Inform a White Paper aimed at a policy and health and care audience and influence several academic publications.