Diabetes Pathway Redesign

How could conversations at the point of type 2 diabetes diagnosis in Lanarkshire be improved?


Market research, policy reviews and a series of in-depth co-design sessions with NHS Lanarkshire staff were held to map the current diabetes care pathways in Lanarkshire, and identify opportunities for improvement. A number of interviews with clinicians and people with type 2 diabetes in Lanarkshire were also carried out. Next steps for the project include workshops to share insights, test ideas and imagine a re-designed service enabled by appropriate technology. DHI will continue to simultaneously engage with industry to scope innovation opportunities that could be trialled in Lanarkshire, supported by the insights gathered. The economic impact of any proposed changes will be demonstrated through a cost benefit analysis, to inform a case for scaling across Scotland.

Interest has been generated across third sector and industry to embed appropriate digital tools to address future service delivery.


Diabetes costs the NHS in the UK over £1bn a year. The DHI is working closely with the NHS and citizens in Lanarkshire to re-design services in order to save resources and deliver better care. The DHI gained extensive knowledge of diabetes through our work in Phase 1, the Digital Diabetes Programme.


Impact & Value

Emerging insights have revealed a number of opportunities for improvement:

  • Engaging people in self-management at diagnosis to reduce later complications and referrals to secondary care;
  • Improving communication between primary and secondary care to reduce unnecessary referrals and improve the person’s experience;
  • Using technology to support citizen education and confidence to selfmanage.