Decision Support

How can digital decision support tools enable better self-management and shared decision-making across health & care services?


DHI has played a crucial role in cementing digital decision support as a core objective in the Scottish Government’s Digital Health and Care Strategy. This transition from a Phase 1 project to a national strategic goal has been achieved through the delivery of high impact pilot projects and a pioneering national platform for decision support services.


The DHI is collaborating with the Scottish Government and NHS to design and test digital decision support tools that support service transformation, whilst SG Digital Health and Care leads the commissioning into policy and mainstream service delivery. These contribute to national priorities of prevention, early detection and intervention.


Impact & Value

Key achievements include:

  • The national roll-out of the successful diabetes decision support tool, resulting in a significant improvement in screening to prevent foot, eye and renal complications;
  • The development of The Right Decision Platform – a single go-to place for health and social care staff to find, build and share quality assured decision support tools;
  • The delivery of early adopter projects with 5 NHS Boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships who are using The Right Decision Platform to create and apply digital decision support solutions to support selfmanagement, shared decision-making and professional decision-making;
  • Improving confident decision helping to reduce service pressures.