Atrial Fibrillation Detection

Could new digital monitoring technologies support secondary care providers in Lanarkshire meet national standards for stroke?

Decision Support

How can digital decision support tools enable better self-management and shared decision-making across health & care services?

Diabetes Pathway Redesign

How could conversations at the point of type 2 diabetes diagnosis in Lanarkshire be improved?

Digital health skills

How can we skill the workforce of the future to support the growing digital health and care market in Scotland?

FUTURE equipped

How can we prepare Scotland’s workforce to respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital and technical revolution?

Future of Care

How can co-managed care models be scalable and sustainable?

International Practice in Digital Apps

What is the current state of international initiatives to develop, assess and evaluate the use of mobile health and wellbeing apps and services?

Macmillan Improving Cancer Care

How could game theory be utilised to redesign cancer care?

Next Generation Asthma Care

How could Next Generation connectivity help care providers and patients to collaboratively manage asthma care?


How can the DHI Innovation Hub support industry in the development of eHealth technologies to enable ‘hospital at home’?