Healthy Ageing Across the Life Course

Exploring ‘connections’ and creating enabling environments to support healthy ageing

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) since the announcement that we would be delivering a discussion lab in partnership with CAN DO on behalf of the Scottish Government.

In the spirit of TEDxGlasgow – bringing together 'Technology, Entertainment and Design', we want to inspire and challenge you on how we positively impact how you age… healthily…

  • When do you start ageing?
  • How do social, economic, political and physical environments influence ageing?
  • How might we create enabling environments for healthy ageing across the life course?
  • Our DHI design team will explore these questions together with you, as we seek to understand, ‘What is healthy ageing?’

"Nothing About Us Without Us!" is an ethos that is at the heart of our participatory approach, bringing together citizens and diverse stakeholders to explore and co-design future health and wellbeing services and systems.

In this lab, through a series of interactive activities using collaborative and visual tools, we seek to create a space for everyone to share their personal thoughts and experiences of ageing, aspirations and ideas around holistic health and wellbeing throughout life, and together set the direction for future research, practice and policy around healthy ageing… and future living!

There will be balls of wool and John Lennon glasses involved as we examine and challenge our personal and social perceptions, critically reflect on how we live our lives today and how might we want to live in the future.

Wool and John Lennon glasses – what do they have to do with ‘healthy ageing’, you ask? Join us to find out!

By Sneha Raman, DHI Design Team

Published on 12/06/2019