Demonstration & simulation

Our space for you to innovate

Our focus is to positively impacting society by creating person-centred digital health and care solutions. We do this by inspiring, enabling and combining world leading industry and academic expertise with technology, service and business innovation. Our DSE is a key asset and provides a unique physical space to experience, explore and test innovative digital capabilities and infrastructures. It allows innovators to engage and demonstrate technical capabilities that support service redesign to relevant stakeholders.

Demonstration environment

Our demonstration environment showcases our projects, innovations and insights generated by our work. This includes cutting-edge service, technology and business models. Its immersive nature enables visitors to explore and better understand the potential impact of digital innovation in health and care. Let us know if you have something to showcase!

Simulation environment

Our simulation environment is a cloud-based resource, that explores new ways of gathering, analysing and using citizen data to support preventative, co-managed and predictive care. It focuses on a whole-system approach by simulating open and dynamic data-sharing approaches and infrastructures, to inform new care models.

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