The Digital Health & Care Institute collaborates, co-designs and transforms ideas into digital health and care solutions.

Why work with us


We work with businesses of all sizes to create digital health and care solutions. Share your expertise and experience and we'll identify projects that will create demand for your products and services and new routes to market.


We understand the complexities, pressures and challenges facing your organisations. We work in partnership, with you, to co-design, person-centred digital health and care solutions that will have a positive impact on your communities.


We work with public and third sector leaders to identify current opportunities for academic research. Share your academic knowledge, skills and experience and we’ll identify projects that will be of academic interest.


All our digital health and care solutions are co-designed around you! If you're proactive and keen to make a difference in the way your health and care services are provided, get involved in one of our co-design workshops.


We've developed a unique model for innovation, can provide access to funding sources and are developing new clusters of interested parties on particular health challenges.

Demonstration and Simulation

Showcase your innovations to exclusive, relevant and interested audiences. Demonstrate your existing technologies or work with us to simulate the art of the possible with your new technologies and innovations.


We focus on developing digital health and care solutions to key Scottish health challenges. Browse our project portfolio to learn more about who we work with and what solutions have been developed.


Learn about our academic scholarships, read our latest publications or take part in our #DigiInventorsChallenge to identify digital solutions to tackle the health challenges facing Scotland's young people.


Keep up-to-date with our most recent news, events and funding opportunities from across the sector.

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Register your interests, skills and experience so that we can align the right people and organisations with the latest health and care challenge projects.

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